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    Darik was the famous blacksmith in all of Greece. People from around the world came to his shop to get weapons of unimaginable power. He even makes the weapon of your choice fun to make by asking three questions. What creature do they want to use to help him make the weapon? He has killed hydras, chimeras, it was said he even killed a dragon to make the sword he keeps at his side. The blade was as white as snow the handle was a magnificent green wood and in the middle of the hilt was a red gem that was said to be the dragon’s eye. What type of weapon do you want? He has made weapons of all kinds, swords, axes, spears, even weapons that you wouldn't think someone would ever ask to make. He even made weapon of all culture, his shop lies in greece but he learned to make weapons made in other lands. What element do you want? His mentor Markus taught him the ability to infuse a elemental power in the weapon. 

    His crafts are never cheap, the weapons could cost as much as one thousand gold coins to a million. However, he has alway made an exception to honorable warriors who have the right cause. He always knows whether or not the weapon is going to be use with good cause or bad, he has a rune implanted into his shop so that when he asks “why do you need a weapon forged by my hands?” the customer always tell him the truth. The blacksmiths code is always hung above his shop “Enter! The door is never locked, however if you cross my border with ill reasons then you shall be put to death. ”

    A young man walked into the shop with the biggest grin Darik has ever seen. “Hello good man how are you?” The man inquired.
“I am doing just fine...and you?” Darik said a little taken back by the man’s sunshine attitude.
“Fine just fine. Listen, my good man, I need a crossbow.” The man said, getting right to the point.
“How about a name before we talk business...?” Darik asked.
“Name's Chris! I am a pirate from the lands of Ireland. I like turtles.” the man stated.
“Well that was a little random son, but I actually am friends with a pirate who is no more crazy than you. Well I might as well get to the chase. Why do you need a weapon forged by my hands?” Darik asked Chris.
“Well I got a million gold pieces from my pappy and I need to defend my fellow turtles” Chris said enthusiastically.

    Darik pondered on the request and finally decided that a million gold coins was good enough. “Alright lad I will make the weapon you want. You wanted a crossbow right? Well, that answers my first question. How about an element?” Darik asked.
“Ice be my element, it is strong, powerful, and it is the metal forged from by beloved turtles' home!” Chris said.
“Okaayyy... Well then, how about the creature you need me to kill to make the crossbow you seek?” Darik said.
“How about the Terrik Shark that haunts my oceans?” Chris said.
“I know about the shark; it can shoot adrenaline when he bites his victims that drives them insane.” Darik recalled.
“Well that's not true! I got bit in the shoulder and I'm just fine!” Chris retorted.
“Rrright... ok well I will get the job done in twenty days, no less.” Darik said and grabbed his sword and began his journey to Ireland. 

   He rented a boat from a friend he helped. “Going fishing Darik?” The friend said. 
“Something like that...” Darik responded. After miles upon miles of sailing he felt a disturbing presents looked down at the waters and smiled wide. “I got you now!!!” Darik screamed. He lunged from the side boat and plunged into the deep ocean. Like he predicted the shark was creeping up on him, but he saw the shark first. He thrust his fist into the beast's eye with all his might. The creature staggered and circled around to strike at Darik. Darik felt light headed from being submerged for too long. Darik struck the shark with his foot and propelled upward, he exploded from the water and tasted the sweet salty air. 

    “Alright, you're dead now, sushi breath!” Darik screamed. He raised his sword and the blade glowed hot blue light and transformed into a harpoon glowing in a blue flame that could never be extinguished. “I got this from a exotic fisher in Russia!” He dove into the tortuous waters and threw the harpoon into the sea monster, which exploded in the water and left the shark as a pile of bones.

    Darik took the bones and left for his good friend Brom. “I need an ice stone Brom.” Darik said to his friend. 
“Darik! Why so straight to the point?” Brom said confusingly.
“Sorry friend I have been spending too much time with lunatics” Darik said apologetically. 
“Ah no problem bud I, know what you mean. Here is the stone you wanted. Best of luck!” They said their goodbyes and Darik started on the weapon.

    The crossbow was fully made from the bones of the shark, except for the string which is infused with the ice stone. He made the arrow tips from the teeth from the shark, which the holder would renew  every day; however the user had only thirty arrows every day. The arrows had the ability to freeze their victim from the inside out, and inject adrenaline directly into the victim and shatter their own body while they are freezing. 

“Hey buddy I love turtles. Did you finish the weapon I ordered?” Chris said.
“Chris! You scurvy dog dog! You nearly made my heart jumped out of my chest” Darik exclaimed, startled by his customer. 
Chris threw back his head and laughed hysterically. “Sorry buddy. So, how about that crossbow?” 
Darik smirked. “Yes I have it for you right here.” He gave Chris the crossbow and showed him how to use it. 
“Thanks buddy, good doing business with you!” 
Chris left the shop and went back to his homeland where he shattered an orca whale with his new weapon, all to save a turtle.


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